Membership Levels

There are three levels of membership.

  • Platinum is for anyone with a telescope who wants to kick-start their hobby and includes a private two hour telescope lesson plus everything that’s included in the Gold membership.
  • Gold is the best value for beginners with or without a telescope. It includes your tickets to all 12 Stargazers Club WA events during the year.
  • Or if you just want to stay in touch, Silver will be for you.

Gold Membership is Great Value

Gold Membership includes your tickets to all 12 Stargazers Club WA events during the year. Event prices average $55+. That’s over $660 worth of value over the year.

20% discount off your 2nd Gold membership!

You may like to join Stargazers Club WA as a couple, as a parent and child, or as two friends. There’s 20% discount off a 2nd Gold Membership for the person you’d like to join with. After joining as a Gold Member, please email us to receive a special coupon for 20% discount off a 2nd Gold Membership for your partner, child or friend.


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What are Stargazers Club WA Members saying about us?

Many thanks for running the class. It was a big help. I think my telescope would’ve remained stuck in the garage without something like your class to give me the jump start I needed.


BYO Telescope Class Attendee

I enjoyed the lunar eclipse Stargazers Club event at the Old Perth Observatory. What a wonderful evening! Great to see some of the members, coupled with a lovely evening with lots of interesting things to do and look at. I look forward to whatever you plan next 🙂


Event attendee

I really liked your Stargazing Forecast about Sirius as it is a practical thing that kids can go outside and see. I don’t know that much, but really love being able to point out various planets and stars. I couldn’t do it unless I had read it in the Stargazing Forecast.



Why is this Astronomy Club for me?

Stargazers Club WA is a great way to begin learning about all things astronomy.

  • We make astronomy fun and easy to understand
  • It’s always in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere where you can ask all your questions you like
  • You can meet others with the same interest in astronomy that you have
  • Chat with expert amateur astronomers to learn more
  • Discover the latest WA astronomy news and events
  • Get the right help when you need it

*Gold and Platinum Membership includes 12 tickets to Stargazers Club WA events. Members can access one (1) of their included tickets per event, up to 12 per year. Events are held in Perth, usually north of the Swan River. There are at least 12 Stargazers Club WA events held per year.

^Platinum Membership includes a private 2 hour telescope lesson with Mark Davies from Earthside Astronomy. The class is held at Kingfisher Park, Ballajura at a convenient time for the Member. Mark (aka “Space Cadet”) has been working in the Astronomy field since 2012. He has been a volunteer tour guide at the Perth Observatory and a lecturer and Astronomer at Gingin Observatory (now called GDC Observatory). He now operates Earthside Astronomy providing astronomy outreach to schools and public across Perth and regional Western Australia. Mark has excellent technical knowledge about telescopes and astronomy. Stargazers Club WA is proud to work with Earthside Astronomy at many Stargazers Club WA events.