Telescope & Astronomy Classes

Are you ready to take your Stargazing
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Our Telescope & Astronomy Classes are a great way to learn more about astronomy and how to use your own telescope to find things in the night sky. It’s also a great chance to fix any issues you have with a telescope and catch up with friends you’ve made along your astronomical journey.

How are these events different to our BYO Telescope Classes? Telescope & Astronomy Classes are predominantly out on the oval. BYO Telescope Classes have an inside presentation where you can learn more about telescopes themselves. At Telescope & Astronomy Classes, there’s a focus on learning what to look at with your telescope.

Non Members are welcome and Members are welcome to buy tickets for guests. It’s a great time for friends and family to share your telescope and enjoy a night out under the stars. They’ll get to experience your hobby and find out why you love it so much!

What Happens at a Telescope & Astronomy Class?

When & Where

Telescope & Astronomy Classes are held a few times a year. It’s a chance to learn a bit about what's up in the night sky to see with telescopes and some astronomy along the way.

These nights are held outside at Baskerville Oval in the northern Swan Valley area. It's darker than our usual BYO Telescope Class location at Carine Hall. This is so we can find more things in the night sky to look at through telescopes.

If the weather turns against us, we move into the hall to enjoy an alternative presentation on astronomy.

Friendly & Social

These nights are very relaxed and casual. Members set up their telescopes to check out what’s up in the night sky. It leads to great discussions under the Milky Way! Beginners with newly acquired telescopes are welcome, however you may find a BYO Telescope Class more beneficial to start off.

Guest Speakers

Sometimes we might meet up with one of WA's amateur astronomy clubs to share a night under the stars, hear from a special guest speaker or about something wonderful happening in the WA space science scene!

Astronomy WA Astrofest

One of our Telescope & Astronomy Classes is to attend the Astronomy WA Astrofest where you can set up your telescope to share with visitors to this wonderful event. If you’ve never been to an Astrofest, make sure you come to the next one. It’s a blast!

When’s the next Telescope & Astronomy Class?

Telescope & Astronomy Classes
frequently asked questions

We like to hold Telescope & Astronomy Classes at darker sky locations. This gives us the chance to find new objects to look at. At the moment we hold these classes at Baskerville Oval in the northern Swan Valley area.

Yes, non members are welcome to buy tickets to attend. If you’re trying to use a telescope for the first time, a BYO Telescope Class is more suitable. If you’re more confident with your telescope, then a Telescope & Astronomy Class is for you.

Yes! Members and non members without telescopes are very welcome to join our events. It’s a great way to learn more about telescopes in general and discover what type would be suitable for you, if you’re thinking of buying one. Plus, you get to see a number of different types of telescopes in action with their owners and talk to experts about telescopes and what would be best for you.

Yes! Telescope & Astronomy Classes are suitable for members to bring friends and family. Events are recommended for children about 10 years and older with a keen interest in astronomy.

You never know who you’ll meet at our events. It could be anyone from our stargazing team.

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