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We're here to make stargazing easy!

We know first hand that beginning an astronomy hobby can be challenging. There are so many different types of telescopes and all sorts of information out there.

It can be confusing and frustrating causing you to quit. Stargazers Club WA is here to makes it easy and enjoyable!

We’re all about stargazing and astronomy for beginners. It’s a wonderful hobby to have!

Throughout the year, we run regular events and classes to help you discover astronomy, learn more about telescopes and find out what to see in the Western Australian night sky.

Being a member of Stargazers Club WA is lots of fun. It makes astronomy easy!

Gold and Platinum Membership includes free events, lots of handy hints and tips. Plus, you can meet others who share the same passion you do.

Meet Stargazers Club WA founder

Hi there, I’m Carol Redford. Welcome to my world of astronomy and stargazing!

I love helping newcomers and beginners learn the ins and outs of telescopes and digital cameras so they can embark on an astronomical journey.

I’m an accidental stargazer! I fell into stargazing when I and a good friend owned and operated Gingin Observatory for 5 years until 2012. A love of stargazing and astronomy has never left me.

I began Stargazers Club WA in 2013 so I could help inspire more people to encounter the wonders of our Universe and the beauty of our night sky!

I guess you can take the girl out of the Universe but you can’t take the Universe out of the girl!

I look forward to welcoming you to the Club!


What events do we hold?

Where Do we stargaze?

Western Australia Stargazing
The Envy of the world!

Western Australia is renowned for some of the world’s best Stargazing, here’s why:

How Do I Start?

The best way to learn and get the most out of your Stargazing is to join our Club. There are different memberships to suit beginners at every stage of the journey.

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