Anytime is great to head out under the stars however springtime stargazing is absolutely perfect. The weather is warming up, the wildflowers are in bloom and the stars are twinkling brightly overhead. So, organise the family and head out to experience the great outdoors. And here’s why NOW is the perfect time to be a stargazer…


Meteor Shower in the Sky

We’ve got World-Class Skies in our Backyard!

WA’s magnificent night skies are some of the best in the world! We’re very lucky in WA as Perth is the most isolated capital city on a continent. Most Western Australians live in our capital which means our artificial light pollution is concentrated in one small area. It leaves a vast land mass with a low population and low levels of light pollution, that isn’t too far away from home. Perfect for stargazing!

Time for a Soulful Break

Stargazing is a wonderful mental health activity. It’s great for the soul, inspires the mind and is so much fun with friends and family. Stargazers Club WA is a proud community partner with Act-Belong-Commit and promotes stargazing as a wonderful way to keep your mind active and healthy.

Hobbies are Gaining in Popularity

Now’s a great time to start a new hobby. Astronomy is a truly wonderful and amazing subject. Anyone can do it! You don’t even need a telescope! Just looking up at the stars, seeing the patterns of the constellations, the band of the Milky Way and even the planets, is inspirational. There is so much information freely available and as you learn more about the cosmos overhead, the more incredible it becomes.

Stargazing Events Galore!

There are many stargazing clubs, groups and organisations around Western Australia, and there’s almost always an event coming up! You can join one of our monthly events, attend a night tour at the Perth Observatory, or come along for a free Astrotourism event in a rural town! WA even has regular astronomy festivals, like Astrofest and Astrorocks

Telescope  Time!

And to help you ramp up your astro knowledge, Stargazers Club WA is hosting a BYO Telescope Class for beginners.  If you are thinking about buying your first telescope or have a telescope gathering dust in a cupboard, then one of these classes is a great way to learn more. For details on up and coming classes visit the Stargazers Club WA events page.

Wondering What to Look For?

There’s always something great to look at in the springtime sky! Why not take a look for the sweeping vistas of the Lagoon Nebula, the sparkling Butterfly Cluster or even the stunning rings of Saturn. The Lagoon Nebula and the Butterfly Cluster are visually right next door to each other, so aim your telescope between the tip of Scorpius’ tail and the Teapot to look for them. Saturn will move throughout spring, but look for a bright star in the east during September and overhead during November!

what is the best telescope to buy for beginners

Learn how to master your telescope!

Join us at our next BYO Telescope Class! You’ll be viewing planets, stars and much more through your scope in no time!

We look forward to welcoming you to our friendly community of Stargazers & Astronomy Lovers where we thrive on making learning about the galaxy easy & fun!

Carol Redford - Founder Stargazers Club WA



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