1. Jupiter and Saturn in the Night Sky

From sunset onwards, keep an eye out for the gas giants! Jupiter can be seen rising in the north east, appearing as a bright star with Saturn overhead, as a slightly dimmer bright star.

2. The Red Super-Giant Star, Antares

Keep an eye out for the red supergiant star Antares, that is setting in the west shortly after sunset! It shines with a definite reddish colour that makes it easier to spot.

3. The Wonderful Constellation of Scorpius

Scorpio, is a large constellation that looks like what it is supposed to represent! Lying overhead at around 8pm, it’s a lovely, large constellation. See if you can find the curve of Scorpio’s body and the sting in its tail stretching up to the centre of the sky!

4. The Milky Way Galaxy

If you're in a dark sky location, the Milky Way is a band of cloudy or dusty looking light that stretches in an arc from the south east to the south west. It looks like a cloud, but it’s actually billions of stars that make up our Galaxy.

Ready to enjoy more stars?

Our friends at Astrotourism WA have some super suggestions to extend your stay in WA’s wonderful dark sky destinations.