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Get together with family and friends, add some stars, some awesome activities and you’ll have a ball exploring WA’s amazing Astrotourism Towns!

Here are our top 8 picks…

1. Family Space Adventure – Chittering Valley

Come on a Family Space Adventure under the beautiful dark skies of Chittering. See the constellations with a green laser tour of the night sky and take a closer look at Saturn through large telescopes! 

2. Astrophotography - Cervantes

Stargazing and astrophotography at the Pinnacles Desert in the Nambung National Park, is an iconic destination for daytime and night-time visitors. The ancient limestone pillars are the perfect backdrop to capture the starry night sky with your camera.

3. Camping - Darkan

Get back to nature at One Gate Farm. Near Darkan, the farm welcomes nature campers and holds a variety of activities including wonderful stargazing nights and guided wildflower walks.

4. Staircase to the Moon - Onslow

On full moon nights from April to October each year, it’s a beautiful sight to see the full moon rise over the ocean which creates the virtual steps to our nearest celestial neighbour.

5. Artesian Hot Tub – Shark Bay

After a busy day exploring, jump into the wonderful 'Hot Tub' to relax and soak in the hot artesian waters. As the sun sets, enjoy the warm water and stars overhead.

6. Wildlife Spotting – Dryandra Woodland National Park

If you’re a keen stargazer, camping in the Dryandra Woodland National Park has both brilliant stars and wildlife on offer. After stargazing enjoy a nocturnal wildlife experience.

7. Stargazing – Perth Observatory

The Perth Observatory is a hub for astronomical discovery and public education, providing visitors with a unique window into the wonders of the universe. Book a stargazing night and be amazed!

8. Wildflowers - Wickepin

Visit Malyalling Reserve during spring and summer, home to rare wildflowers such as Spider and Donkey Orchids. Enjoy Wickepin’s walk trails, scenic lakes, rich heritage and superb dark night skies.

Ready to enjoy more stars?

Our friends at Astrotourism WA have some super suggestions to extend your stay in WA’s wonderful dark sky destinations.