Stargazing can be challenging when living under city lights however, don’t let light pollution dampen your stargazing aspirations, as there are still many splendid celestial views to be had.

Southern Cross & the Pointer Stars

This constellation is really an asterism of the true constellation, The Crux, meaning Cross. Looking south, two bright stars point to the 5 point diamond star pattern. Truly one of the loveliest objects to enjoy in the night sky.

Best seen: early evenings in April


The Saucepan in the Orion Constellation

The Orion constellation is a favourite star pattern that is familiar to many and quite bright. Just look for stars in the shape of a saucepan or shopping trolley and enjoy.

Best seen: over summer


Sirius, the Brightest Star in the Night Sky

Sirius sits above the Orion constellation and its name means ‘glowing’ in Greek, which is why it is an easy naked eye object, because it is so bright and pretty, at only 8 light years away.

Best seen: over summer



Venus is the third brightest object in the sky after the Sun and Moon and makes for a stunning view when setting at sunset or rising at dawn. Known both as the evening star and the morning star, depending when it’s visible.

Best seen: May 2020 just after sunset


The Moon

We all can spot the Moon easily enough and it is worth taking note of its phases. Watch it wax and wane over a period of 29.5 days.

Best seen: various times of the month

astronomy lovers unite!

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