Western Australia has some of the best dark skies in the world due to almost 80% of the population living in just 0.25% of its land mass.  With minimal light pollution in country regions, we are fortunate to see the most beautiful naked-eye objects presented in all their glory.

Magellanic Cloud

Large & Small Magellanic Clouds

These stunning clouds of stars are actually galaxies that lie outside our own Milkyway Galaxy. Lying in the southern sky, they are clearly seen under dark skies.

Best seen: in early evenings November to March

Milky Way

Milky way

The Milkyway spread across the night sky is arguably the most beautiful feature of the night sky and country WA is one of the best places in the world to witness the heart of our own galaxy.

Best seen: April to October

Emu in the Sky

The second most beautiful and rare sight to see in the night sky is the Aboriginal constellation The Emu In The Sky. It lies within the Milky Way and its shape is found within the dark regions and spreads out as the full form of an Emu. It is best seen throughout winter.

Best seen: throughout winter


The Scorpio Constellation

Scorpio is a large constellation with a star pattern that clearly reflects what it represents, the Scorpion. It is a prominent and awe-inspiring constellation that includes a red giant star that lies right at the heart of the Scorpion, glowing eerily red.

Best seen: rising in the east in early evenings in May and June


Pleiades Star Cluster

This pretty star cluster is better known as the Seven Sisters. It is an open star cluster, actually made up of more than 800 stars, however most people manage only to see 5 or 6 stars under a dark sky.

Best seen: over summer

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