By Donna Vanzetti

With Australia’s ever-increasing role in exciting space science endeavours and involvement in world-leading space projects, we thought now is the time to update your astronomy links online to ensure you never miss the latest information, space mission news and get all the facts to keep you in the know!  Here are our fav’s.

Dr Brad Tucker: Astrophysicist & Cosmologist

Dr Brad Tucker works at the Mt Stromlo Observatory at the Australian National University and runs their Public Awareness of Science program. Brad is a regular on the Sunrise program, providing the latest space science information in an easy to understand manner. You can follow Brad on his Facebook page or Twitter page.

Dr Katie Mack: Astrophysicist

Dr Katie Mack aka ‘Astro Katie' is a theoretical cosmologist and currently Assistant Professor of Physics at North Carolina State University. We wanted to add Katie to our list as she is an active science communicator and has been involved in Australian space science projects.

Katie is a great presenter of all things space, she is a book author, regularly speaks on radio and has a huge following. Follow Katie on Facebook or Instagram.

The Australian Space Agency

This is the premier organisation for leading innovation in the Australian space science industry and a great platform for learning the latest news from a particularly Australian perspective. They regular post on their Facebook page and welcome comments, questions, and feedback. Additionally, their website is filled with resources, fact sheets and information on latest Australian space activities.

Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

The International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR)

ICRAR is a joint venture between Curtin University and UWA. Their YouTube channel reveals info about the world’s biggest space science endeavour to explore the hidden Universe, the Square Kilometre Array. Part of the ICRAR playlist is the Astro Morning Teas videos presented by Dr Luke Davies and Greg Rowbotham who take a fun look at the 'goings on' within ICRAR research and includes latest science news from around the world. Using great visual animations and their amusing delivery, this is not just learning but also entertainment!

Follow them on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

NASA (obviously)

We really cannot have this list without adding NASA to the mix! NASA provides fantastic information around all their missions and their website is packed with outstanding resources such as NASA at Home that includes E-books, Podcasts, Virtual Tours and Apps. There is a dedicated educational portal called NASA STEM Engagement, Image Galleries, NASA TV for viewing live launches, interviews etc. plus all the latest information, news and current status of all their exciting missions.

Check out their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


SpaceX headed up by Elon Musk is arguably the world-leader in advanced spacecraft technology, designing fully reusable rockets with large payload capacities to send astronauts to the moon and eventually to Mars. Elon Musk has exciting plans to set up human settlements on the moon and Mars so to keep up with the latest and greatest cutting-edge space science, check out their excellent website and social media platforms.

Their website is great as is their Facebook and Instagram.

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