BYO Telescope Classes

Is your telescope hiding away at the back of the cupboard or under the bed? Let’s dust it off and finally discover how to use it. BYO Telescope Classes are the perfect way to say goodbye to frustration and confusion. With amateur astronomers on hand, you will learn how to set up and use your telescope in a relaxed and easy, single evening class.

Discover How to Use Your Telescope!

Stargazers Club WA runs a couple of BYO Telescope Classes every year to help telescope owners learn how to set up and use their own equipment. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll learn. With a few handy hints and tips, you’ll be seeing the stars in no time at all.

What Happens at a BYO Telescope Class?

Single evening classes are 3.5 hours long. You don’t have to be a Stargazers Club WA member to book into BYO Telescope Classes.

Classes start with an inside presentation that covers:

  • Different types of telescopes and mounts
  • Finder scopes
  • Eyepieces and magnification
  • Tools and apps to make astronomy and using telescopes easier

After this first section of the class, you’ll be able to recognise what type of telescope you have, if you don’t know already. You’ll also be armed with tips and techniques that make it easier to set up and use your telescope.

In the second part of the class, we move outside for a practical session. You’ll receive help setting up and using your own telescope. On average we schedule one instructor to five telescopes and their owners. Similar types of telescopes are clustered together so that the smaller group can learn easily.

This practical hands-on part of the evening puts everything you’ve just learnt into action with your very own telescope. You’ll leave feeling much more confident to set up and use your telescope. And that’s great because it’s terrific to share the views with friends and family.

Where are BYO Telescope Classes Held?

Classes are usually held in the northern suburbs of Perth. We find a good hall that has easy access to a grassed area or oval where we can set up telescopes.

Can I Attend if I Don’t Have a Telescope?

Yes! Those without telescopes are very welcome to join BYO Telescope Classes. The classes are a great way to learn more about telescopes in general and discover what type would be suitable for you, if you’re thinking of buying one. Plus, you get to see a number of different types of telescopes in action with their owners and talk to experts about telescopes and what would be best for you.

Need a Private Telescope Lesson Instead?

If you can’t make one of our upcoming BYO Telescope Classes, you might like a private telescope lesson instead. Private lessons are for anyone who prefers one-to-one tuition and wants to fast track your knowledge and use of your telescope.

Our Experience

We have extensive experience with a large range of telescopes including Sky-Watcher, Celestron, Meade, Tasco, Australian Geographic and many more.

You’re in good hands with Stargazers Club WA. In a single evening you’ll gain the confidence to set up and use your telescope to see lots of different things in the night sky.