Best Stargazing in 2024

We’ve checked the files, riffled through the records, scoured the internet, and compiled our stargazing highlights for 2024 for you. Read on and find out what’s up!

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How Do Eyepieces Work?

Aside from the size of your telescope, the eyepiece plays the biggest role in determining what your view of the Universe will look like. But how exactly do they work,…

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How Do I Travel With My Telescope?

Hitting the road and exploring dark skies sounds like the ideal getaway for most stargazers, but a daunting hurdle to overcome is the fear of damage to your scope. Here…

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First Telescope Checklist

Stargazing and amateur astronomy are fantastic hobbies that can be enjoyed by everyone everywhere. But taking the plunge and purchasing your first telescope can be a daunting task, as different…

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