It’s wonderful to lie out under the stars and wonder about the Universe we live in! “Galaxy Girl” has a top ten naked-eye stargazing tips for you here. It will make stargazing fun and more enjoyable.

Find a Dark Place

Find the darkest place you can. Stargazing is best under the darkest night sky you can find. White light blocks starlight from view.

Turn Out the Lights

Travel away from city lights if possible. If you can't, turn out as many lights, TV's, computers and mobile phones as you can.

Clear Horizons

Find the biggest sky you can. Trees and buildings block the view, so find somewhere you can see from horizon to horizon. Open spaces, hill tops and the beach are great places.

Night Time Vision

Let your eyes adjust to the darkness for 5-10 minutes. As your eyes become used to the darkness, you will start to see better. This is your night time vision! If you need light, use a piece of red cellophane to cover a torch. Red light doesn’t affect your night time vision.

Lie Back and Relax

Find a comfy place to lie back. That way you won’t get a stiff neck from looking up while standing!

Shooting Stars

Watch for moving things in the night sky. Meteors (shooting stars) look like bright streaks of light. Satellites (like the International Space Station) look like a star that moves slowly and steadily across the night sky. Planes have flashing green & red lights.


See if you can make pictures out of the stars. People have been doing this for thousands of years. There are 88 named constellations. Can you find any of them?

Star Colours

See if you can see different coloured stars. Most look white in colour but others may appear yellow, orange or red. Look closely and you might notice some slight differences in colour!

Use Binoculars

Use a pair of binoculars if you can and take a closer look. What might look like faint milky white smudges of light turn out to be countless numbers of stars!

Share the Stars

Cool drinks in summer and hot chocolate in winter are a must! Share with friends and family.


Get the most from a night under the stars with the top 10 tips above. 


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