Stargazing – a great mental health activity

Are you looking for a good fun mental health activity? Are you a FIFO worker who wants a great way to connect with family back at home while you’re away?

Stargazers Club partners with Act-Belong-Commit to promote stargazing as a great mental health activity for FIFO workers when you’re away or at home. Stargazing is great for the soul, inspires the mind and is so much fun with friends and family.

Act Belong Commit

actTurn out the lights and check out the stars! Western Australia has such beautiful night skies to enjoy.  Perth is the most isolated capital city in the world which means you don’t have to travel very far to get away from the bright lights.Dark night skies are the perfect way to enjoy spectacular views of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Stimulate your mind by learning about astronomy. Wonder at our place in the Universe and gaze in awe at the millions of stars above.

belongJoin “Galaxy Girl” at Stargazers Club and together we’ll discover the stars, learn more about astronomy and telescopes and find out what to see and where to look. Have a stargazing evening at your place and invite friends, family and neighbours to join in.

Gold Galaxy membership of Stargazers Club includes free events, helpful information on astronomy for beginners and stargazing forecasts. What else do members receive?

commitShare stargazing with family and friends whether you’re home or away. If you’re away, connect through the stars over the phone and enjoy stargazing with your family back home. Commit to stargazing at least once a month. No telescopes or any astronomy knowledge needed. Together, just enjoy the beautiful view above!

Then, when you’re home continue your adventure in the stars together. Stargazing can forge wonderful bonds between parents and children. With a little knowledge, all you have to do is head out into your backyard.