With Father’s Day just around the corner, the question is, what to buy Dad?  For something a little bit different, we’ve done the hard work for you and put together a list of the perfect ‘Astro Gifts’ to get Dad hooked on Space!

1. Telescope Class Gift Voucher

Does Dad have a telescope? Maybe it’s one he’s had for a while or perhaps you’ve bought one for Father’s Day! Lucky them! To get the most out of their telescope, send them off to a BYO Telescope class where they will learn heaps of tips and tricks. They will be exploring the universe like a pro in no time!

2. The New 2024 Astro Calendar!

Here is an easy way for Dad to keep up with what's up in the night sky and be inspired by some beautiful images from Australia's best Astrophotographers!

The calendar features when to see meteor showers, moon phases, eclipses, stars and planets. He'll never miss a thing!

3. Telescopes/Binoculars/Accessories

For the Dad who has everything, why not give him the gift of the stars and open up a whole new world that he can discover and learn. Binocentral have a huge selection of telescopes for beginners to the more advanced astronomer.

4. Sky & Telescope Australia Magazine

This magazine is considered a ‘bible’ by amateur astronomers and provides the latest astro news from around Australia and the world. First published in 2005, it is one of Australia’s most respected sources for the latest developments in astronomy and space exploration and is published six times per year.

5. Membership to Stargazers Club WA

Is Dad ready to join a friendly community of like-minded people? Stargazers Club WA has a membership to suit all levels. The Club is especially for beginners and holds events every month.

Gold Galaxy Membership is the best value membership by far and includes entry to all 12 events over a year. That’s telescope classes, astrophotography nights and much more.

6. Versatile White & Red Torch

A must-have tool for the avid astronomer is a red torch. While out under dark skies, your eyes become used to the darkness, this is your night-time vision! If you need light, using red light doesn’t affect your night- time vision and still enables you to see what you are doing when adjusting your telescope or other tools. With the ability to also switch to white light, packing up is a breeze.

7. Something to Read

The wonderful Fred Watson is Australia's ‘Astronomer at Large’. He has been the Astronomer in Charge at the Australian Astronomical Observatory for many years and currently works closely with State and Federal government scientists and communicators. He has a range of fun, witty and interesting astronomy books, just perfect for all space lovers.

8. Gift Vouchers from the Historic Perth Observatory

A special ‘Experience’ such as a Night Sky Tour at Perth Observatory, is sure to be a tick off the old ‘bucket list’ for any amateur astronomer.

The experienced and passionate tour guides operate their unique collection of modern and historic telescopes to give evening visitors a glimpse into the fascinating world of astronomy, space science and astrophotography.

Looking for an even better view?

So, with Dad’s Father’s Day pressie all sorted, why not take a breather, re-charge the batteries and go outside to look upon our marvellous starry skies.  The views are breathtaking, particularly in #astrotourism country, and maybe stargazing and astronomy can become your hobby as well.