FREE family-friendly stargazing night. See Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Venus through telescopes! How many planets can you tick off your bucket list?

This special event will go ahead regardless of weather. It’s a great chance to meet local astronomy and stargazing clubs from around Perth. If it’s cloudy, we’ll demonstrate telescopes and offer information sessions inside.

6.30pm – 8.30pm, Black Friday, 13th July 2018
Carine Hall, Beach Road, Carine

Meet Perth’s local astronomy and stargazing clubs. You don’t have to be a member to attend. Stargazers Club WA is hosting this night for you to find out what clubs are in and around Perth.

You’ll discover more about what each club does, where they meet and where they travel to for dark night skies.

Then you’ll be able to choose your favourite club to join and start a stargazing adventure!

Clubs coming along include:

  • Stargazers Club WA
  • Astronomical Group of WA
  • Astronomical Society of WA
  • Junior Astronomers Group of WA
  • Space UWA

We’ll also have staff from Earthside Astronomy, Perth Observatory, Astronomy Education Services, International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research, and Gravity Discovery Centre and Observatory.

No bookings required. However, if you like, please tell us if your going or interested over on our Facebook event page.

Stargazers Club WA is a proud community partner with Act-Belong-Commit. Stargazing is a wonderful mental health activity. It’s great for the soul, inspires the mind and is so much fun with friends and family. So, turn out the lights and check out the stars!.