Here comes the Sun

The Sun is the main generator of space weather for us here on Earth. There are some great ways to keep up to date with space weather, and here are some of our favourites.

A graphic drawing of a yellow sun

Receive regular alerts on unusual happenings in the sky. From sunspots to auroras, sprites and sun dogs! There is also a paid service you can subscribe to for aurora alerts. Subscribe for free space weather alerts.
A graphic of a sun

Learmonth Solar Observatory

We have a solar observatory right here in WA. The Learmonth Solar Observatory, operated by the Bureau of Meteorology and the US Air Force, is just near Exmouth and was established in 1977. Check out the latest images of the Sun.
A graphic drawing of a yellow orange sun

Solar Dynamics Observatory

NASA follows the Sun too. The Solar Dynamics Observatory has been in space since 2010, studying solar activity and how space weather is generated. There are also some very cool images of the Sun to see!

Space Weather Prediction Center

The Space Weather Prediction Center operates within the US National Weather Service, part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The centre produces a real time picture of the environment from the Sun to the Earth and gives space weather forecasts, watches, warnings and alerts.

An orange graphic of a sun

Australian Space Weather Forecasting Centre

This comes to you from the Bureau of Meteorology. They tap into a network of sensors in Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica bring you the latest space weather. Sign up for alerts.


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