Join us for an evening out under the stars. All from your own backyard. Or front yard, if the view is best from there!

You don’t need anything, but if you have a telescope or binoculars, please bring them out! We’ll have some great tips for beginners on stargazing and telescopes.

Questions and requests are welcome!

When's the Next Backyard Stargazing?

7:45pm, 17th December 2020

Catch us on Facebook Live.

astronomy lovers unite!

“Backyard Stargazing with Galaxy Girl” happens regularly. Find something amazing to look at in the night sky, ask questions, discover a new tool and tips for your astronomical journey!

We look forward to welcoming you to our friendly community of Stargazers & Astronomy Lovers where we thrive on making learning about the galaxy easy & fun!

Carol Redford - Founder Stargazers Club WA



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