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Eclipses in April

IMG_0653_-_Copy.JPGArticle by Carol Redford (aka Galaxy Girl!)

Try seeing the next solar eclipse with a pinhole projection.

Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse is on Tuesday, 29 April 2014. Some parts of the world will see the entire annular eclipse. In Australia we will see a partial eclipse of the Sun.

More of the Sun will be hidden behind the Moon the further south you are in Australia. In Darwin there will only be a small “bite” out of the Sun, but in Hobart, a bigger “bite” will be seen.

In the Eastern States the Sun will be setting when the maximum eclipse occurs. Central and Western Australia are lucky to see the entire event.

The solar eclipse begins at approximately 4pm depending on your exact location in Central and Eastern Australia. (Please make adjustments for daylight saving.)

In Perth, the eclipse begins at 1.17pm with the maximum eclipse at 2.42pm. By 3.59pm, it’s all over!


Note: Remember, never look at the Sun directly as it can cause permanent eye damage or blindness. Instead, try a pinhole projection to watch a solar eclipse. Put a pinhole through a piece of card or paper. Face this toward the Sun. As the Sun’s light comes through the pinhole, a projection can be cast on another nearby surface. (See the image to the right.)

Stargaze with "Galaxy Girl"

Stargazers Club is hosting a special stargazing night on Saturday, 3 May 2014. See the Moon, Jupiter and Mars through telescopes. Mars is especially brilliant at the moment because it's the closest it gets to Earth for the next two years. A great sight in telescopes. There will also be a laser pointer tour of the night sky and Q&A with local amateur astronomers.

The event is to be held just over one hour drive north of Perth and is free for Annual Members of Stargazers Club plus one guest. All you have to do is join and you'll receive your invitation! There's a school holiday special on right now. 10% discount off annual membership. Coupon code: starfun. Valid to 3/5/14.

More details: Read all about the event here. Call Galaxy Girl (aka Carol!) on 0427 554 035 or join online www.stargazersclubwa.com.au.

News Posted March 17, 2014 at 2:11 PM

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