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Turn out the lights… and check out the stars… Image By: James Athanasou
Look to Galaxy Girl for… upcoming events and the latest stargazing news… Image By: John Goldsmith
Stargazers Club WA… Great learning for children… Image By: Grant Thornett
Stargazers Club WA... What to see and where to look Image By: Hernan Zagordo
Stargazers Club WA... Stargazing from home Image By: David Neil Madden


Which telescope should I buy?

October 1, 2016
It can be quite confusing when you're looking for a telescope to buy. There are so many types for sale. Some are cheap and others are expensive. It's difficult to get good advice and know what to believe. This easy 2 hour class for beginners will help you understand telesco… News Posted October 1, 2016

National Science Week 2015

August 4, 2015
Stargazers Club WA is always active during National Science Week. This year it's no different! National Science Week runs from 15-23 August 2015. Meet "Galaxy Girl" at the following events: Perth Science Festival 2015 This is a fun event for the whole family with lots of… News Posted August 4, 2015

Astrophotography for Beginners

June 24, 2015
Interested in astrophotography and don't know where to start? WA astrophotographer, Roger Groom, will unlock the mysteries and give you some easy tips to start you off in this wonderful hobby. You'll learn about different types of astrophotography and what cameras and equip… News Posted June 24, 2015

Save Our Stars! Free Stargazing Event!

June 23, 2015
This National Science Week, Stargazers Club is holding a special stargazing event at a mystery location in Perth... See Saturn through telescopes Discover how to save our stars by protecting the night sky from light pollution Meet and chat with local astronomy club … News Posted June 23, 2015

How do I use a Planisphere?

June 23, 2015
Have you ever wondered what stars are up in the night sky? A planisphere (or 'star wheel') is a useful astronomy tool that helps you identify stars and constellations in the night sky. "Galaxy Girl" from Stargazers Club WA will be at the Karrinyup Australian Geographic … News Posted June 23, 2015

Big Planets Line Up

June 1, 2015
Jupiter and Venus are the two big planets to keep an eye on over coming weeks. They are both very easy to see because they are so bright. Watch how they appear to get closer and closer in the evening sky as the month goes on. Stargazing in Western Australia by James Athana… News Posted June 1, 2015

WA Day Starlight Celebration

May 19, 2015
Celebrate WA Day by turning our your lights and checking out the stars. On Monday evening 1st June, the Moon rises just after 4.30pm. The full Moon isn’t until the night after, but it still makes a delightful view. At about 6.30pm, as the evening grows darker, a bright sta… News Posted May 19, 2015

Mount Magent Astrofest

May 14, 2015
Mount Magnet Astro Rocks Fest Mount Magnet comes alive with activity on Friday, 22 and Saturday, 23 May 2015. See the earth rock collections and wonderful Wirnda Barna Arts Centre Gallery Exhibition.   Then come and join in the fun of Astrofest on Saturday evening. View… News Posted May 14, 2015

Anzac Day Stars

April 18, 2015
On the night of 25th April, 100 years after Gallipoli, the Moon and Jupiter will appear in the northern sky with the constellation of Cancer and the Beehive Cluster of stars. NASA: Jupiter's giant red spot The night sky is always changing in appearance. 100 years ago, on… News Posted April 18, 2015

How do I use my telescope?

April 6, 2015
If you have a telescope and are having difficulty working out how to use it, this single evening class will help you on your way. With amateur astronomers on hand, you will learn how to set up and use your telescope. In the first part of the evening learn about different ty… News Posted April 6, 2015

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